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Proposal assistance, support and training

NCP@UEFISCDI provides assistance to Romanian applicants for the preparation of their proposals for Horizon Europe, as follows:

- Answer to questions received via email, phone

- Meetings with individual applicants 

- Proposal support (Topic&Destination analysis; Proposal pre-check)

- Training sessions (General; On institution's demand; Working Groups)

NCP@UEFISCDI - Proposal assistance and support

NCP@UEFISCDI - Training for proposal preparation

  • General training sessions (virtual sessions)

  • Training workshops for/with individual organisations (in person, on demand)

EU NCP Support 

Horizon Europe has dedicated EU NCP support networks and projects, for HE programmes (excp. ERC). Here are the EU NCP support projects for HE programmes at UEFISCDI, of which all NCP@UEFISCDI are members.
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