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Assistance, support, training

for Horizon Europe R&I proposals

Pre-evaluation of proposals

  • If you are the coordinator of a proposal to be submitted to Horizon Europe

  • If you are work package leader in a proposal (coordinated by other country) to be submitted to Horizon Europe

  • If you want to ...

Your proposal can be pre-evaluated by an European independent expert (free of charge) before you submit it to Horizon Europe.

The expert will give you comments on your proposal and recommendations how to improve your proposal. It is your decision whether to consider these comments and recommendations or not.

Only you and the expert will have access to your proposal, nobody else. The expert is bound by contract to ensure confidentiality.

How to...

You must send your proposal for pre-evaluation with min. 21 days before the deadline!

To submit your proposal for pre-evaluation, you must register on the platform

You, and only you, will interact with the expert evaluator, via email and/or virtual meeting.

Widera database consists of European independent experts in all Horizon Europe programmes.

NB: These experts are NOT the experts that are selected by the European Commission for evaluating your proposal after you submit it!

NCP@UEFISCDI ensures this service only for the HE programmes it manages currently, i.e.

- Cluster 2 - Culture, Creativity, and Inclusive Society

- Cluster 6 - Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment

- EIC Pathfinder

- Widening & ERA

This pre-evaluation service is open until March 2025. 

For more information:

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