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Partner Search - Assistance for HEu proposals 

There are several ways to find partners for a proposal in Horizon Europe.

1. Publish a complete profile of your organisation on the Funding & Tenders Portal. This will allow your organisation to be found by anyone interested to form a consortium and build a proposal in Horizon Europe.


2.  Search the EEN - Enterprise Europe Network for potential partners. You can filter the the EEN database by searching for partners “To collaborate with/co-develop with (research and development)”.

3. Search potential partners from among the organisations that express their interest to participate in a certain topic in Horizon Europe. On the topic page in Funding&Tenders you can find a section entitled "Partner search", where you can see the profile of those interested  to apply for that particular topic.

4. For proposals in MSCA - Marie Sklodowska-Curie, you can publish the profile of your organisation on the dedicated European platform, MSCA-NET, and find and be found.

5. Participate in Brokerage and matchmaking events organised by the European Commission or nationally.

6. Search the UEFISCDI platform Brainmap, with more than 50 000 individuals and over 3000 organisations.

7. Contact the NCPs. Based on an Expression of Interest you fill in and send to the NCP, they can disseminate your inquiry to European NCP networks in their area or to specific NCPs in certain countries.

Partner Search resources

General search
Contact the NCPs

An as complete as possible profile of your organisation will help us help you in finding partners for proposals in Horizon Europe.

By filling out the form below (EOI - Expression of Interest), we can do the following:

  • search for potential partner organisations in our databases as well Funding&Tenders and EEN

  • disseminate your EOI to EU NCP networks or individual NCPs from other countries (for Romanian organisations)

  • provide you with a list of organisations that you can then contact and discuss with them

EOI - Expression of Interest
(please fill in the EOI in English)
Horizon Europe programme(s) of interest

Thanks for submitting! We will come back to you shortly via email.

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