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Other HEu Clusters

Cluster 1 - Health

The aims of this cluster include improving and protecting the health and well-being of citizens of all ages by generating new knowledge, developing innovative solutions and integrating where relevant a gender perspective to prevent, diagnose, monitor, treat and cure diseases.

Further aims include developing health technologies, mitigating health risks, protecting populations and promoting good health and well-being in general and at work.

Finally, this cluster also aims to make public health systems more cost-effective, equitable and sustainable, prevent and tackle poverty-related diseases and support and enable patients' participation and self-management.

Areas of intervention

  • health throughout the life course

  • environmental and social health determinants 

  • non-communicable and rare diseases 

  • infectious diseases including poverty-related and neglected diseases

  • tools, technologies and digital solutions for health and care including personalised medicine

health care systems

WP CL1. Health 2023-2024

​Link to Horizon Europe - Cluster 1

Link to Funding&Tenders - Cluster 1

Cluster 3 - Civil security for society
This cluster responds to the challenges arising from persistent security threats, including cybercrime, as well as natural and man-made disasters.

Areas of intervention
  • disaster-resilient societies

  • protection and security

  • cybersecurity


WP CL3. Civil security for society 2023-2024

Link to Horizon Europe - Cluster 3

Link to Funding&Tenders - Cluster 3


Cluster 4 - Digital, Industry and Space

The overarching vision behind the proposed investments under Cluster 4 is that of Europe shaping competitive and trusted technologies for a European industry with global leadership in key areas, enabling production and consumption to respect the boundaries of our planet, and maximising the benefits for all parts of society in the variety of social, economic and territorial contexts in Europe.

This will build a competitive, digital, low-carbon and circular industry, ensure sustainable supply of raw materials, develop advanced materials and provide the basis for advances and innovation in  global challenges to society.

Areas of intervention
  • manufacturing technologies

  • key digital technologies including quantum technologies

  • emerging enabling technologies

  • advanced materials

  • artificial intelligence and robotics

  • next generation internet

  • advanced computing and Big Data

  • circular industries

  • low carbon and clean industries

  • space including earth observation


WP CL4. Digital, Industry and Space 2023-2024

Link to Horizon Europe - Cluster 4

Link to Funding&Tenders - Cluster 4

Cluster 5 - Climate, Energy and Mobility


This clusters aims to fight climate change by better understanding its causes, evolution, risks, impacts and opportunities, and by making the energy and transport sectors more climate and environment-friendly, more efficient and competitive, smarter, safer and more resilient.

Areas of intervention
  • climate science and solutions 

  • energy supply 

  • energy systems and grids 

  • buildings and industrial facilities in energy transition

  • communities and cities 

  • industrial competitiveness in transport

  • clean, safe and accessible transport and mobility 

  • smart mobility

  • energy storage


WP CL5. Climate, Energy and Mobility 2023-2024

Link to Horizon Europe - Cluster 5

Link to Funding&Tenders - Cluster 5

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