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Horizon Europe info day dedicated to Cluster 2 to take place on 17 January 2023

Adina Stanculea

Dec 11, 2022

CL2 Info Day EC

The European Commission announces that the Info Day for Horizon Europe Cluster 2 (Culture, Creativity & Inclusive Societies) will be held as a virtual event on 17 January 2023.

The Info Day will present the research and innovation topics proposed for 2023 under the Work Programme 2023-2024 of Horizon Europe Cluster 2.

The sessions will give the opportunity to prospective applicants to learn more about the funding options under the new Work Programme with focus on enhancing democratic governance and citizens participation, the safeguarding and promotion of cultural heritage, and to respond to and shape multifaceted social, economic, technological and cultural transformations.

The goal of the Info Day is to present the open topics of the Horizon Europe Cluster 2 calls for 2023 through a series of dedicated sessions, with emphasis on: 

  • Providing an overall introduction and policy context of the HE Cluster 2 – Culture, Creativity & Inclusive Societies;

  • Presenting the open Cluster 2 topic calls in WP 2023 with an opportunity by stakeholders to ask questions;

  • Providing practical information on new funding modalities, other novelties and cross-cutting issues important for the drafting of proposals.

For a detailed agenda, more information on how to participate and other practical details, visit the event website. No registration is needed to follow the Info Day sessions. Participants will be able to follow all Info Day sessions online through the main event page.

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