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ERA Dialogue

Online session on ERA policies and funding opportunities for Reforming and enhancing the EU research and innovation system

(in Romanian)

Thursday, 16 Feb. 2023, 10.00-12.00 (GMT+2)

Iulia Mihail.jpg


  • Dr. Daniela Dragomir

  • Mrs. Iulia Mihail

Daniela is NCP for Widening&ERA at UEFISCDI, doctor in Materials Engineering, expert in heat processing and materials science and Widening opportunities in Horizon Europe/ERA policies.

Iulia is NCP for Widening&ERA at Romanian Ministry for Research, Innovation and Digitalisation, Director of the Romanian Office for Science and Technology (ROST) in Brussels.

In this session we will cover

Resources for ERA Dialogue - 16 Feb. 2023

As background for the discussion, we prepared the following resources:

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