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Assistance for HEu proposal design

Conditions for participation (admissibility)

  • Proposals must be submitted before the call deadline (preferably, one day before!)
  • Proposals must be submitted electronically via the Funding & Tenders Portal electronic submission system (>> Horizon Europe >> Topic call page)
Proposal parts

Proposals must be complete and contain all parts and mandatory Annexes and supporting documents.

The proposal has two parts:
Part A (to be filled in directly online in F&T portal) contains administrative information about the applicant organisations (future coordinator and beneficiaries and affiliated entities), the summarised budget for the proposal and call-specific questions;
Part B (to be downloaded from the Portal submission system, completed and then
assembled and re-uploaded as a PDF in the system) contains the technical description
of the project.

Annexes and supporting documents will be directly available in the submission system and must be uploaded as PDF files (or other formats allowed by the system).
Propsal parts
Plan for EDC
Plan for the exploitation and dissemination of results including communication activities
Attention! This is an admissibility condition. Proposal without such a plan will not be admitted in evaluation (are disqualified from the start).

Proposals must include a plan for the exploitation and dissemination of results including communication activities, unless provided otherwise in the specific call
  • The plan is not required for applications at the first stage of two-stage procedures.
  • If the expected exploitation of the results entails developing, creating, manufacturing and marketing a product or process, or in creating and providing a service, the plan must include a strategy for such exploitation.
    If the plan provides for exploitation of the results primarily in non-associated third countries, the legal entities must explain how that exploitation is still to be considered in the EU’s interest.
Font size and page limits
Font size and page limits
Font size
Applications must be readable, accessible and printable.
  • Attention! Most of proposal templates require font size 11. We recommend using this font size and not smaller, to avoid the proposal being disqualified, entirely or in part.
Page limit
First-stage application = 10 pages
Full proposal:
  • Research and Innovation Action (RIA), Innovation Action (IA) = 45 pages
  • Coordinated and Support Action (CSA) = 30 pages
  • Programme co-fund actions = 70 pages
NEW 2023-2024
For topics using lump sum funding:
  • Research and Innovation Action (RIA), Innovation Action (IA) = 50 pages
  • Coordinated and Support Action (CSA) = 33 pages
Attention! If an application exceeds the limits, there will be an automatic warning and invitation to resubmit a version that conforms to these limits. After the call deadline, excess pages will be automatically made invisible, and will not be taken into consideration by the evaluators.
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